Women Entrepreneurs

Working exclusively for the welfare of the women from the marginalized community in society who are deprived of basic amenities, we are recognized as a renowned NGO for women empowerment in Delhi. Our offered women empowerment programs give awareness and as well as discuss the women’s equality in power-sharing and decision making in every issue at all levels. Our remarkable women empower programs, educate the women of marginalized as well as vulnerable sections of the society about their rights and gender equality to ensure a better future for them.

As an NGO for women entrepreneurs, we work closely with government agencies and strive hard to introduce women-friendly personnel policies to encourage women to participate effectively in the developmental process. Implementing women-oriented policies and poverty eradication programmes, we ensure adequate steps are taken for mobilization of women below the poverty line. As the best women empowerment NGO in India, we work closely with the underprivileged women and offer a broad range of necessary economic and social support measures to enhance their capabilities.