Rules & Regulations

Rights & Responsibilities of Prakhand Prabhari


The Prakhand Prabhari will collect candidates’ 4 Passport Size Photos, a photocopy of Academic Certificates and a photocopy of Residence Proof from all the Panchayats in his Block (Prakhand) and get the Panchayat Prabharis appointed by Secretary (Sachiv) in the state office.


The same process will be followed for the appointment of Panchayat Prabhari and Prakhand Prabhari.


Prakhand Prabhari may conduct an inspection in all the schools covered under Chaumukhi Shiksha Mission Yojna in his block.


Prakhand Prabhari will inspect all work as per the provisions of Chaumukhi Shiksha Mission Yojna and report any complaint to either District Prabhari (Zila Prabhari) or State Office.


Prakhand Prabhari will work in compliance with the rules and regulations laid down by the Samiti, failing which he will face disciplinary action.


Prakhand Prabhari will conduct Block level meetings in between 20th and 25th of the month.


Code of Conduct

Until all the Panchayat Prabharis are appointed in the Block, membership form will not be issued in Samiti Panchayat.


Until all the Panchayat Prabharis are appointed in the Block, salary will not be disbursed.


Panchayat must send Daily Report to the Block (Prakhand) and the Block in turn must forwarded this report to Zila (District) the next day.


It is mandatory for all Panchayat Prabharis to open their individual accounts in the same block-level bank.


Any office bearer who violates the rules and regulations laid down by the Samiti or makes a comment in personal capacity will solely be responsible for the same. The Samiti will take serious actions against such office bearers.


Office bearers in the district will stay in touch with Zila Prabhari and in the event of dissatisfaction with the Zila Prabhari, they can register their complaints in the state’s Shikayat Prakoshth.


Samiti will buy LIC Accident Insurance for Panchayat Prabhari, Prakhand Prabhari and Zila Prabharis


The Samiti will organize collective marriages for the daughters of its extremely poor members.


The children of the members of the Samiti, who for any reason, have not been studying in schools, will be get informal education under the Chaumukhi Shiksha Mission Programme run by the Samiti. This will be free in every Panchayat.


It is mandatory for the Office bearers in the Zila (district) to appoint Prakhand Office Bearers within 15 days.


To be a part of the Samiti, Office Bearers must present an affidavit.


From time to time the Samiti will set up Medical Camps in every Prakhand and arrange medical treatment for common labors.