What We Do

Registration No.  (416-15)          Majdoor Kalyan Samiti

1. Majdoor Kalyan Samiti will issue a Membership Receipt to every labor who willingly donates a sum to it. By this means, the information about Government Schemes will be provided to the labors. 

2. Samiti will run Chaumukhi Shiksha Mission programme making efforts to send labors’ children to school and Aagan Badi centres. If the need be, the Samiti will also set up its own centre to run Coaching Institutes for imparting education and developing skills like sewing, embroidering, etc. in children. 

3. From time to time, the Samiti will set up camps at different places and conduct medical treatment of labors. In these camps, efforts will be made to spread awareness and provide correct information on prevention and control of AIDS, family planning, child care during pregnancy and labors’ healthy diet. 

4. The Samiti will help the deprived in availing of the benefits of Government Schemes such as Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Disability Pension and others. 

5. Efforts will be made to ensure that our underprivileged brothers get the benefits of government’s Kanya Vivah Yojna. 

6. The Samiti will make all efforts to ensure that the deprived brothers and sisters get 150 days employment guarantee and are timely paid for the same. 

7. The Samiti will run a Nasha Mukti campaign aimed at helping labors to get rid of their addictions. 

8. The Samiti will make consistent efforts to set up its own hospitals, schools, colleges, orphanages, night shelters and inns so that our economically deprived brothers and sisters get maximum help. 


9. To promote social welfare, the Samiti will bring forth information regarding labor interests and present labors’ demands to government. 


10. In present or future, if any of our labor brothers and sisters faces any difficulty, the Samiti will stand by them at every moment. Samiti will work to ease the problems. Samiti will end the brutal mockery that every labor in India is subjected to. 

The donation amount collected by the Samiti for promoting labor social welfare will be spent in the right direction in compliance with its rules and regulations.


                                                                                    Majdoor Kalyan Samiti 
                                                                                    Heartily welcomes you!