Women Empowerment

We are prominent NGO for Women Empowerment in Delhi working exclusively for Women Empowerment Programs in Jahangirpuri, Delhi. Even though women are achieving equality in health outcomes and primary school enrollment rates, the world has not seen the same kind of progress when it comes to gender equity in economic opportunity. Women consistently trail men in formal labor force participation, access to credit, savings rates, income levels, entrepreneurship rates, as well as in inheritance and ownership rights. Evidence shows that putting economic resources in women’s hands is the best way to accelerate development and sustainably reduce poverty. We as a renowned NGO for Women Empowerment assisted women from marginalized communities through our remarkable Women Empowerment Programs. We works closely with government agencies and bring awareness to the women beneficiaries for empowering of women of marginalized as well as vulnerable sections of the society.

Our offered Women-centric programs gives awareness as well as discuss about the women’s equality in power sharing and active participation in decision making, including decision making in every issue at all levels will be ensured for the achievement of the goals of empowerment. All measures will be taken to guarantee women equal access to and full participation in decision-making. Women–friendly personnel policies will also be drawn up to encourage women to participate effectively in the developmental process. Since women comprise the majority of the population below the poverty line and are very often in situations of extreme poverty, given the harsh realities of intra-household and social discrimination, macroeconomic policies and poverty eradication programmes will specifically address the needs and problems of such women. There will be improved implementation of programmes which are already women oriented with special targets for women. We ensure steps will be taken for mobilization of poor women and convergence of services, by offering them a range of economic and social options, along with necessary support measures to enhance their capabilities.