Child Education

We are one of the prominent NGOs for Child Education in Delhi running dedicated Education Programme and striving hard for eradicating Child Labour. Our NGO drafted various programs exclusively to identify the root causes, which force families and communities to allow children to be engaged in labour. Our NGOs main focus areas is to


  • Identify the vulnerable areas of child labour and providing solutions
  • Advocacy on child labour in connivance with local government agencies
  • Scripting of customized educational programmes for child labour
  • Opening up of skill development centers to enrich the livelihoods of child labour

Our team of social science experts will carry out clinical research to pluck the root cause of the problem. However, the interrelationship between child labour and education is that children are pulled into work as a result of household  poverty, socioeconomic shocks, social and cultural norms that favour children’s contribution to household economies andother marginalized groups, or the economic advantages employers gain through the recruitment of cheap child labour instead of adult labour. Countering these factors requires solutions that go beyond the education sector. On the other hand, children are pushed out of school because they cannot access education or because education is of a poor quality inaccessible or irrelevant.

Another major push factor is social exclusion. through various working for uplifting the marginalized child labour, we channeling our greater attention to several aspects of education can help address the push factors, like the accessibility of education, the provision of quality education and arrangements to overcome any barriers which may prevent children’s enrolment and retention in formal schools, and supporting programmes for transitional second-chance education that enable former child workers to reintegrate into the formal school system and distance learning. As a renowned Skill Development NGO in Jahangirpuri, Delhi we identified that at the micro level, child labour might increase the household income in the short run. However, in the end it might perpetuate household poverty, as childrensent to work do not acquire sufficient human capital like education and skills, thus missing the opportunity for enhancing productivity and compromising on future earning capacity. Addressing these underlying issues by interacting with parents, community leaders and children’s collective where the importance of child rights and the damaging effects of child labour are discussed.